Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech – A Must Have for Pet Owners

magneticscreendoorbyigottech thumb Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech – A Must Have for Pet Owners About midway through the summer, one of our dogs, who shall remain nameless, managed to run into our sliding screen door, making it very difficult to open and close, easily. While we had looked at replacement options for the screen, we knew getting a similar product would have similar, frustrating results.

I had seen the Magnetic Screen Door in the “As Seen on TV” isles at our local drugstore, but as with anything “As Seen on TV”, you just never know what you’re going to get.

In our frustration for wanting to leave the patio door open, without inviting in every creepy-crawly around the lakes, we decided to give the Magnetic Screen Door a try. Granted we were a little late in the season to get too much use out of it, but we were able to try it long enough to know that it was the Perfect answer to our problem.

A much better, cheaper alternative than installing a door with a doggie door! That was a plus! Of course we didn’t expect it to work quite as well as it did.

Now we simply open the glass door and let the pups roam in and out, onto the deck, to their hearts content.

If you have a pup that likes to spend as much time outside as they do in, and don’t want to be bothered with the constant, up-and-down to let them in-and-out, the Magnetic Screen Door by is worth a shot.

As you can see in this video, it’s super easy to install:

Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech is Available on Amazon

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Tips to Lower Your Winter Bills

firewoodandpreparingforwinter thumb Tips to Lower Your Winter Bills

Plenty of people are planning to pull out the thick socks and snuggie as they try to save on their electric bill this winter season. When you lower the temperature on your thermostat during the chilly months, you are also lowering your electric bill, too. It is that simple. Yet, there are so many other steps you can take to continue this frugal trend. Starting with turning down the heat, check out our tips for lowering your winter costs.

Cuddle by the fireplace

There is something about the crackling sounds of a burning fire that says winter. Who wouldn’t want to grab a cup of cocoa and a pair of slippers, then cuddle up in front of the fireplace. While this is a tradition of the season, it is also a practical source of heat. So in addition to turning down the thermostat and keeping a few throw blankets handy, also take a moment to enjoy the fireplace if your home features one of these. Go ahead and roast some marshmallows, too.

Bake away the bbbrrrrr….

The winter season is rather notorious for what we call the “foods of the season”. All that home-cooked goodness can also serve as a heater. Plan to run your dryer and your oven during the coldest parts of the day and let these appliances contribute to the heat in your home.

Reduce the hot water temperature

Have you ever even looked to see what your hot water heater is set at? Everyone likes a “hot” shower, but usually you can turn your hot water heater down by 20 degrees and not even notice a difference from the spout. Try it out! You can also purchase a water heater blanket/ jacket. This is especially helpful if you live in a very cold climate, as opposed to regions with more mild winters.

Insulate your home

A well-insulated home is vital to your overall energy expenses year round, but this is one category that you will need to evaluate closely. Updating the insulation in a home can mean paying a large chunk of change up front, so you will want to weigh the long-term saving to see how soon you will recoup your investment and move in the direction of money saving. Properly winterizing your windows can help prevent heat loss. Couple your winterizing efforts with insulated curtains and you’ll greatly reduce the amount of heat and money that go out the window.

Watch – and budget for – your holiday expenses

From the plane tickets to go visit family, to the Christmas presents under the tree, the winter season brings with it certain added expenses that come around just once a year. However, you know all year that these will be among your winter bills so the potential to budget accordingly is there. And if it is too late to take these measures, then try a gift exchange or fly on non-peak dates and times. Whatever steps you decide to take to lower your bills during the chilliest days of the year, may you also enjoy all the warmth this season has to offer!


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